Carbon 1 MK II: SAR Value

Specific Absorption Rate

The SAR values of the Carbon 1 MK II are low and safe.
In accordance with the new reporting methods of the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) (2014/53/EU), the highest reported SAR values for the Carbon 1 MK II

  • Head SAR 10g: 0.724 W/kg
  • Body SAR 10g: 1,052 W/kg

The device complies with the specific absorption rate (SAR) limits for the general population/uncontrolled exposure (2.0 W/kg) set out in Annex II to Council Recommendation 1999/519/EC and has been tested in accordance with the measurement methods and procedures set out in IEEE 1528-2003, EN 62209-1 and EN 62209-2.
For more transparency, we'll publish all of our SAR values so you can understand

Frequency Band Head SAR Body
(5mm Gap)

SAR10g Limit

Maximum SAR10g (W/kg) Maximum SAR10g
2G 0.204 0.949  2.0
3G 0.426  1.384 2.0
4G 0.394  1.472  2.0
WiFi  0.432  0.224 2.0
WiFi 5GHz  0.724  0.499  2.0